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All of our hotel rooms (8) are air-conditioned.
All rooms are Doubles ~~~ $295 per night     *10% VAT tax


All of our cottages are air-conditioned.

All cottages are ~~~ $395 per night     *10% VAT tax


is situated at the northernmost tip of Crooked Island overlooking the pristine waters and white sandy beaches just yards from its guest rooms. The 8 air-conditioned private rooms have a bath and outside patio space. 

Meals are served in the restaurant, which is located in the building that was one of the island's first outposts and is still recognized as an important historical landmark. Much of the original stonework walls and doorways still remain, sparking the imagination of guests while they ponder the history of the island.



is just steps away from the main lodge, boasting an incredible view of Bird Rock Lighthouse. The name was inspired by the magnificent sunsets that patrons enjoy almost nightly.


is prepared daily and guests enjoy hearty helpings of locally influenced dishes, including fish, lobster or conch with homemade breads and desserts. The kitchen can accommodate special dietary requests, as long as we know about them well in advance. Breakfast service begins around 7:00 AM in the main lodge's dining room and usually consists of fresh coffee, juices, fruit, and pastries and cooked to order eggs. Each evening the Lodge staff will take your lunch order for the following day. Lunches typically consist of a sandwich prepared on homemade bread served with fruit, chips, cookies and a soft drink or lemonade.Dinner is served American style in the main lodge's dining room and typically consists of a soup or salad, homemade roll, entrée and dessert. Guests have the option of enjoying a quiet dinner with their traveling companion or joining other guests at a larger table for a more social evening.

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