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From our marina boat slips to some of the best offshore fishing in the entire Bahamas is LESS THAN ¼ of a mile.  That’s right, Marlin, Tuna and Wahoo just minutes from your boat slip.  We guarantee the BEST MPG (Marlins per gallon) of any marina.  Even the largest sport fish vessels don’t travel far from the marina to catch fish.  Spend your fuel dollars getting here, not fishing every day. Other than the spectacular fishing, one of our biggest advantages is being ridiculously close to the fishing grounds.   It is not uncommon to watch a boat fighting a large Marlin from the back deck of our Sunset Beach Bar and our flats fishing is world class!














We invite you to experience the thrill of offshore fishing around Crooked Island! The fishing is incredible and pressure is very low in areas that few sport fishing boats are touching. Daily catches are often plentiful. Near world record wahoo are caught regularly.   Blue and White Marlin abound and catches of 4-5 per day are not uncommon. Our Marlin fishery is strictly catch and release. Mahi, Mahi and Tuna are also plentiful very nearby. 

The flats fishing on the south side of Crooked Island has the friendliest bonefish found anywhere. The average bonefish is around three to four pounds, ten pounders are not uncommon and last season dozens of these were caught. We are not a tarpon destination, but good numbers are being jumped and landed in late spring and summer. Sharks and barracudas are abundant on the flats and make for lots of excitement. Permit also turn up and are a blast to catch on fly. The lodge works with a talented group of local guides with good equipment to ensure your fishing success.


Where the fish are.JPG

Offshore fishing almost feels like cheating.
You can easily see it from our Lodge.


Crooked Island enjoys excellent bottom fishing near shore. Catch very abundant grouper, many snapper species such as Mutton, Grey (Mangrove), Lane, and in deeper water yellow eye snappers. Deep dropping is phenomenal and close to the marina.



Spear fishing in our crystal clear waters is an absolute dream with more untouched territory than you can dream of. The island is very sparsely populated (only 200 some people on the island) so fishing pressure of all kinds is low.  Shallow coral and rock reefs with huge undercuts, giant deep walls and rock piles abound as well as every other environment you can think of.  Conch and Lobster (in season) are abundant.  

Please note that Crooked Island Lodge and Marina believes in sustainable sport fishing and diving and strongly believes that boaters, fly fisherman, and their guests should adhere to all fishing regulations to maintain the fishery for future generations. 

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